Accented Rings

Inspired Creations – Actual Custom Ring 2016-2017

19kt White Gold with 1.80ct Round Brilliant Cut diamond and round accent diamonds t.w. 0.80ct

18kt Yellow gold ring set with Cushion cut diamond and round brilliant cut accent diamonds 18kt White Gold Ring with 1.08ct Pear shape Diamond and round brilliant cut accent diamonds 19kt Whit Gold Ring set with 1.0ct round brilliant cut diamond and accent diamonds


ky002 ky003


an003 an002 an004 an001


Vt004 Vt003


sh002 sh003 sh001

mke002 mke001

ne003 ne001

Dn&Sa004 Dn&Sa003 Dn&Sa001


js002 js001

me001 me002


anz004anz002 anz001







ov004 ov001 ov002

azi001 azi002

Accented Diamond Ring1


mce002 mce001

anz0033 copy



el002 (8) el002 (6) el002 (3) eie004 eie002 eie001

cnt004 cnt001 cn002 az006 az005 az004 az002 az001

ele002 ene004 ene003 ele004

kin003 kin001 kn001 (3)

ha001 ha002 ha004 hn001 (2) hn001 hn003 IMG_2104IMG_2105 IMG_2115 IMG_2173

IMG_2177 IMG_2183 jn001 (2) jn002 (2) jn003 (2) jn004j jn005j jn006j KLN01 KLN02 KLN03 km001 km002 km003kvn01 kvn002 kvn003 LY001 LY002 LY003 ml001 ml002 ml003 nv01 (3) nv02 (3) nv03 (3)


sy003 sy002 sy001

sh01 sh02 sh03
aaa003 (2) aaa002 (2)aa001 (2) aa01 aa02 aa03 abt01 (1) abt02 (1) abt03 (1) an001 an002 an004 ar01 (2) ar02 (2) ar04 (2) at01 at02 at03 ax01 ax02 ax03 bb001 bb003 bb004 bd01 (2)bd02 (2) bd04Bd002Bd003 Bd006 bi01 bi02a bi03 bl01 bl02 (2) bl04 (2) BN01 BN02BN01Accc01 ccc02 ccc03 cd01 (2) cd02 (2) cd03 (2) Ce01 (2) Ce02 (2) Ce03 (2) cl001 cl002 cn01 (2) cn03 (2) cn04 cs001 cs004 cs005




2.5ct Oval Diamond Ring




















































dn001dn005 copydn002dn01dn02 dn03dn001 (2)dn003dn004 (2) dn005 (2)dn006 (2)dn005dn008 en01 en02 en03 ez006ez004 ez005














































dwn001dwn003 dwn002vy004 vy003 vy001 st003st002 st001sm001sm003 sm002scc001 - Copyscc003 scc002 - Copysav001ssav003s sav002sry004 ry003 ry001 ry03ry02 ry01rv03 rv02 rv01