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The Diamond Grading System

The famous 4Cs of diamond quality sets the standard for grading and Identification practices used worldwide.


A diamond is graded to determine its relative absence of colour, which ranges from D(colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Each diamond is compared to a master set in a highly controlled lighting and viewing environment.


A diamond is assigned a clarity grade based on the number and the placement of internal features (inclusions) and surface characteristics (blemishes) that are visible under 10x magnification The Clarity Scale contains eleven clarity grades ranging from Flawless to Included diamonds I3.


Refers to how the proportions and finish of a diamond affect its overall appearance and quality. The cut is graded on a scale from Excellent to Poor and incorporates the diamond's brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, Polish, and symmetry. The cut grade qualities are only provided for standard round brilliant diamonds that fall within the D-to-Z colour range.

Carat Weight

The standard unit of weight for diamonds and other gemstones carat weight is measured using a highly precise electronic scale, rounded to the nearest hundredth of a carat.

Our Guarantee

No Synthetic Diamonds: When you buy diamonds from Anzi Gems Inc., you can buy with confidence. We do not tolerate undisclosed synthetic diamonds in our inventory. We screen all diamonds from .20+ carats for synthetics and require all our loose diamond and diamond set jewellery suppliers to warrant that they are not supplying us with synthetics. For additional security, we further stipulate that our vendors screen all diamonds from .20+carats for synthetics. In 2014 when the technology is available, we will screen all diamonds 1.4mm+ for synthetics.

No Conflict Diamonds: We are committed to selling diamonds ethically and with integrity, giving you confidence in the diamonds you purchase. We believe it is completely unacceptable to tolerate conflict diamonds and/or human suffering in any way and we fully support the Kimberley process. Anzi Gems Inc. offers this commitment to you. In turn, it can act as your commitment to your customers.

All rough and polished diamonds sold by Anzi Gems Inc. comply with the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process ensures that rough diamonds are:

  • Exported and imported with a government validated Kimberly Process certificate stating the diamonds are conflict-free.
  • Transported between signatory countries in a sealed and tamper-proof container.
  • Sold with a statement from the seller (known as a warranty) on all invoices guaranteeing that the diamonds being sold are conflict-free.