Hey Anna and Kosta:
I just wanted to let you know that I did ask E... last Saturday and she said yes! She absolutely loves the ring and raved about the work that went into it. I told her about the process and how both of you took very good care of me. J
Kosta: I am going to send a separate email and CC E... on it so she can have your contact information and arrange whenever she needs to do a polish/re-plating. She does not want to change a thing to it though, so good thing you told me not to get the rivet.

At some point, we will need to think about what type of design we want for our wedding bands. Would we go through the same process? If we see a design online that we like, can we just forward that to you guys to produce?

 I am very excited for what is to come ahead, but it just hit me how much planning goes into preparing for a wedding day!

 Thanks again and we will talk soon!

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