Hi Anna!!  I hope this email finds you in good health and happiness! Well.... it's been 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness how time flies. first I have to thank you for all your help over the years with all my friends and family!! I've lost count over the years, but know forsure you've helped out on 9 engagement, 2 anniversary and 1 "just cause" rings for people iv'e known.... and everyone of the ladies in their lives have been over the moon with what you've put together for them.... so for that, THANK YOU!

Now.... as for my beautiful bride! We are coming up on our 10 year anniversary on April 26th ( and it looks like we're going to make it!!!) D. has been talking in recent years about re-doing her rings, maybe either melting them down and making a new one, taking the diamonds and adding to them on something else, etc. etc... i'm not really sure, but I wanted to make sure you can help us out with this? I'm going to be taking her out for a nice evening on Saturday, and in the card I give her I wanted to tell her what I had planned. We are planning on coming to Vancouver on a little get-away in the next month or so and can meet with you then to figure some stuff out and at least get the ball rolling!
anywhos... that's the plan to this point! Please let me know if your services are available still,
as always, thank you for everything! And make sure you let me know when your in Kelowna!
All the best.
J. P.

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