Hello Costa,
I wanted to take the time to tell you that our wedding day was everything we wanted it to be and far surpassed our own expectations with some of the surprises.
The weather was magnificent, the sky was clear, the whales swam by the day of our marriage, and friends came form literally all over the world to support us; what more could a couple ask for ask for?
As we are now reveling in the afterglow, we keep coming back to our rings and what a magical experience it was for us to work with you in creating beautiful jewellery pieces that are unique, interesting and personally meaningful; which we will proudly wear for the rest of our lives. Quite literally, every person who sees them has asked to look closer, and upon hearing the stories behind them and the meanings they convey to each of us, have commented emotionally that we have done something very special and congratulated us on our imagination and creativity. Part of that credit goes to you as a facilitator and creative mind who educated us, listened to what was important to us and took the time needed to bring our dreams to reality.
Your company and you personally are what the experience of purchasing engagement and wedding rings should be all about!
Our heartfelt thanks for your service, expertise and professionalism, it will never be forgotten.
Best regards,

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